Need The Best Water Cooler Dispenser? See 2017 Reviews

For the longest time, a water cooler was considered to be something that you would only find in an office. Over time, hospitals and many other establishments started using this product.

It has become so popular that it’s being used in homes. It’s true that it certainly encourages people to drink more water, so that, alone, is an excellent reason to buy one.

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A water dispenser is especially convenient when temperatures soar. It’s important to understand that there are some differences between water coolers and dispensers, although they’re commonly viewed as the same product.

Looking At the Types

A dispenser and cooler are both capable of giving you the cold, refreshing water that you crave. However, a dispenser isn’t always a cooler.

Put simply, a dispenser usually just dispenses water and doesn’t cool it. What you’re probably looking for is a water cooler that actually cools and dispenses the water. Most of these products are compatible with two, four and five-gallon bottles.

Some people like to buy these bottles pre-filled while others buy the bottles and fill them from their own water source. For the best results, you should buy the bottles with pre-filled water, unless you happen to have a high-quality, commercial-grade water purifier.

Why Use One?

There are several reasons to purchase and use a water cooler. Some consumers buy one out of necessity while others just want a convenient option for cold drinking water.

When running water from a faucet, it can take several minutes to get cold, and it’s not likely to be filtered to a desirable level. However, one of the major reasons why consumers buy water coolers is because they need to place them in areas where there is no faucet nearby.

This is why many dental offices have them. A modern water cooler is likely to be able to keep water much colder than what a typical faucet can produce. It’s very common for dispensers to allow for small cups to be used, which is very convenient.

Countertop and Freestanding Models

It’s possible to buy a water cooler in freestanding and countertop models, with the freestanding being the most expensive.

A countertop model can work well for some situations, but you’ll probably want to purchase a freestanding unit because it offers several advantages over a countertop model.

A Look at Features

Virtually every type of water cooler will have a basic set of features, but some are built with much higher-quality materials than others.

There are some models that have faucets for both hot and cold water. One of the best features is a stainless-steel reservoir, and if you can get a product with this feature, then you should.

A lot of coolers made with a plastic reservoir, which can cause the water to have an odd taste. If you have the money, you should definitely go with a more expensive model that has a higher-quality reservoir.

Getting Filtration

Although they’re more expensive, there are water coolers that have a filtration system attached to them, which send water into a special bottle.

How They Work

There is nothing quite like a cup of ice-cold water on a hot day. When you have a water cooler, you can get this water instantaneously. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the school, office or home.

The most popular model is the bottle-fed water dispenser, and it gets its water from a bottle that you must attach to the top of the cooler.

When you attach the inverted bottle to the top of the cooler, the seal is punctured, and you can begin use the water.

Once a hole has been made in the bottle’s seal, the water is able to flow down into the cooler, which has a special valve that stops the bottle from pouring out all of its water. Most modern coolers have a refrigerant component, which cools the water in the reservoir.