Hot and Cold Top Loading Bottled Water Dispenser

The Hot and Cold Top Loading Bottled Water Dispenser is one of the top sellers on several merchant websites. Its price is tolerable, and many reviewers seem to be satisfied with what it has to offer.

Before we dive into the true performance of this model, let’s take a look at the features. The color is black and stainless steel and it has a single spout for both hot and cold water dispensing. It has a 2.0 compressor-based cooling system.

It has a leak guard to prevent annoying leaking. The capacity isn’t amazing, but it should work well for most consumers. This is a freestanding, top-loading unit. It’s energy-star compliant.Hot and Cold Top Loading Bottled Water Dispenser

Does It Live Up To Expectations?

Many consumers don’t trust the water that is dispensed by their city, so they purchase a water dispenser and use it at home. There is nothing wrong with this, and if anything, it’s significantly healthier because you actually know what is going into your water.

The style of this Primo water cooler looks especially great with black kitchen appliances. A number of reviewers say this product was a great purchase for the family and worth every penny. It seems to be an excellent model for those individuals who don’t trust the local tap water.

It’s also great for consumers who want to start drinking more water. However, as with all products, there are some pros and cons to be aware of. One of the pros is that the water is cold but not too cold. The room temperature water also seems to be at the perfect temperature.

This model seems to be especially enjoyable for people who have sensitive teeth because it dispenses water at the perfect temperature. The hot water that comes out is hot enough for your typical hot drinks, such as hot chocolate.

However, some reviewers say the hot water isn’t hot enough for ramen noodles or tea bags. Some of the downsides include buttons that aren’t manufactured properly – they need to be pressed in a certain location, or they’ll bind. In others words, the buttons feel like they’re cheaply made.

This model doesn’t take up a lot of room and forces you to put the water bottle on in a way that produces less water spillage. When compared with other models, it’s VERY quiet. There are LED indicators that serve as subtle night lights.

If you want to save electricity, you can turn the hot water system off. Some reviewers say the cold water isn’t that cold, and the water stream produced by the spout isn’t very inspiring. It comes with a bracket that can be used to mount the unit to the wall for additional safety.


Overall, it seems to be a decent unit for the price. However, we believe there are other water dispensers for sale that provide significantly more value for the money.

If you want an average-priced dispenser that will do what it’s supposed to do, then this model should be satisfying for you. The water that comes out is clean. Not too many downsides to speak of.