How To Clean A Water Cooler?


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Clean water is very important. The last thing someone wants is to have a water cooler dispensing dirty or contaminated water. Therefore proper maintenance is very important for all water coolers. This includes the inside and outside of the water cooler device.

For always keeping a clean water cooler you should do maintenance on them every six weeks, or with every change of the bottle, this may vary from water cooler to water cooler. The first thing you are going to want to do is make a bleach solution. Adding one tablespoon of bleach to every one gallon of water that you use. Next, you are going to want to unplug the water cooler, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong when its plugged into an electrical plug, Remember you are dealing with water and electricity if you decide to keep the cooler plugged in. Shocks/burns and serious injury can occur. In some cases even death could happen if enough electricity is pumped through someone’s body.

Then you will want to take the empty bottle off of the water cooler unit then remove the water guard or spill free top from your cooler, some tops are a pressure fit, others require a twisting motion. Take your time and figure out exactly how yours come off so you can do it properly without breaking anything. Once you have figured this out and the top is off, remove the baffle from inside the reservoir. This is the white plastic, or stainless steel plate/tube assembly that lifts straight out. If the baffle isn’t there that’s nothing to worry about. Grab a sponge or piece of cloth and wipe down the inner surface of the water cooler with the bleach solution that you have already made. Let the cooler stand for no more than five minutes, then drain the bleach solution through the tap and into a bucket.

Drain the bucket down the sink, toilet, or urinal. Do not dump this bucket on a lawn or it will kill your grass and do not leave this bucket lying around incase someone takes it for clean water and decides to use it for something else,

Rinse out the bleach solution by filling the inner reservoir with water four times and washing it out through the tap and into the bucket. Four times this should be done and if you want to be overly cautious you can do that as many times as you like until you are satisfied that you’ve done the best job possible.

Cleaning the outside of the cooler is also important. Know ones going to want to use a water cooler that looks dirty on the outside because they will believe that its also what it looks like on the inside. So lift the drip tray out and wash well with the bleach solution and replace the tray back onto the cooler.

The new bottle you are going to be putting into the water cooler must be cleaned thoroughly with soapy water, remove the cap and put the new bottle into the water cooler. After you’ve done can plug the cooler back into the electrical outlet so that the water will get cold, then you can enjoy cold clean water to drink until the bottle is empty or roughly six weeks have passed until you will have to do the entire cleaning process over again.

There are a lot of different kinds of water coolers. Amazon has a large variety of them on their website along with instructions on how to clean each and every one of them. If the procedure doesn’t work for your water cooler I suggest amazon for better results.

In conclusion, cleaning a water cooler on the inside and outside is very important. You will want to use a bleach solution and thoroughly rinse everything visible. Its very important that you clean the bleach out completely by running water through the taps constantly for at least three or four full cycles. Then add another new bottle to the top of the cooler. Then you will be able to enjoy your water from a fresh and clean water cooler.