The Clover D7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser: Bottle-less

With the Clover D7A Bottle-less hot and cold water cooler you can save hundreds of dollars yearly on your drinking water. You will no longer require pre-filled water bottles to load up in to the water unit. This bottle-less unit can use water from your existing plumbing and serve hot and cold water all day.

The bottle-less water system has an ultra efficient compressor you can get cold water in range of 35.6-53.6°F and hot water in range of 185°F to make instant coffee, tea or any other hot beverage of your choice instantly.

It is a highly durable water unit from clover, needing very little maintenance. You can easily clean the removable ABS drip tray every few days to keep the unit hygienic. The stainless steel tank is designed to keep it safe from any type of contamination so as to provide you pure, healthy and safe drinking water. With a height of 39.30 inches and width of 12.40 inches, the unit takes very minimal space. You can easily place it at any convenient location in your kitchen, dining area, mini bar or office pantry.

What is Bottle-less?

This is way different than your traditional top loading dispensers where you heft that big blue jug of water and tip it into the dispenser. A bottle-less system requires you route water into the cooler directly from your home or business water source. Within one hour of installation, you will have unlimited fresh water

Is Bottle-less Right for You?

The most important consideration here is if you have a reliable water access point, such as one located under a sink in the kitchen, break room, or even bathroom. The next important question is can you run a waterline without interfering with the usual water processes?  You will also have to keep it out of the way of foot traffic. Most people will run the waterline along the ‘kick plate’ which is underneath the cabinets or along the trim board of a wall.

Other factors in using a bottle-less system are the time and ability to install it. You will need about an hour to set up the cooler and waterline system. The tools required are a Phillips head screwdriver and a crescent wrench. The Clover water line install kit and water filters for the coolers are included. No other hardware is required.

Do you live in an environment that is hard or soft water? If so, you may consider using a Reverse Osmosis System (RO System) to help reduce any chemicals or particles. Clover does offer this system separately, and it is called the Aquverse 74OH.

Features of the Clover D7A Bottle-less Water Dispenser

  • LG high-efficiency compressor with a low cycle rate to ensure long lifespan
  • Convection cooling with an automatic overload protector
  • High-volume, with internal heating coils and copper refrigerant lines to avoid metal tastes
  • System is spring-mounted inside a hermetically sealed compressor
  • Economical, no more plastic bottles with internal plumbing for cleaner water
  • Requires little to no maintenance, just remove the ABS drip tray for cleaning
  • Economical, and environmentally conscious

With the Bottle-less Clover D7A you don’t have to worry wasting time as it is perfect for those chilly refreshing drinks and that piping hot cup of hot chocolate or bowl of oatmeal.  If you have never tried a bottle-less water dispenser system before, this may be the answer for your home or business.

Many corporate offices and larger organizations depend on these type systems in order to save money on those huge bottle refills. If you have an hour, and the skill to hook this system up, be prepared to save hundreds of dollars a year by using a Clover D7A Bottle-less water cooler dispenser. Leave a softer footprint, invest in a cleaner source of water and forget plastic bottles or those huge gallon jugs get a Clover D7A Bottle-less water cooler dispenser today.