A lot of research went into creating this top-three list, so if you need the best water cooler dispenser, then you’re in good hands. You will soon find out why it’s a great idea to buy a product like this. Who doesn’t want cold, refreshing water on demand?

Choice #1Honeywell HWB1052S 39-Inch Freestanding Water Cooler

These products are incredibly similar, so we had a pretty hard time choosing a ‘top’ model, but we ended up going with this one.

We think the Honeywell HWB1052S 39-Inch Freestanding Water Cooler has a lot to offer for a very affordable price, and it surpasses several other models in terms of features and overall value for the money.

It’s a freestanding water cooler, and at about 39-inches, it’s not too tall. The silver finish on the exterior is nice because it makes it looks very modern. It’s perfect for an office setting but will also look superb inside of a home. The mechanical push-in levers have child safety locks and provide hot water.

There is a drip tray that prevents spills. The dispenser itself uses about 85 watts of electricity. It has a water tank made of stainless steel that provides the purest drinking water you could want. It is ETL certified, and it uses a three or five gallon water bottle, which has a prong that prevents spills.

There are just too many features and benefits to list. The setup is very easy and straightforward; instructions are easy to read. There is a bonus storage space under the dispenser for water or soda bottle storage.

No tools are needed for setup, and the filter system is like an added bonus for the money. Reviews are almost all positive – there is really nothing to dislike about this model, which is why it made #1 on the list. You can buy this model from here.

Choice #2Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler PRIMO WATER CORP

Here is one from a company that specializes in this type of product. It’s the Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler PRIMO WATER CORP, and although it costs slightly less than the top pick, it has A LOT to offer. We really like that it has a dual spout, which gives you access to hot and cold water.

The hot water is extremely hot, and the cold water is freezing cold. You can use this dispenser to easily make hot teas or chilled drinks. The LED nightlight makes it easy to see in dim environments. Water cleanup is easy because it has a stainless-steel drip tray.

Many other models have a drip tray made from plastic. It has a universal probe that comes with a leak guard and prevents water spills when the bottle is being changed. The water tanks are made from stainless steel and will last for a very long time. This is an excellent choice for the home or office.

It’s also perfect if you don’t trust your local water supply. The color of the exterior matches virtually any existing décor you might have. If you need to stock up on water, it’s only a drive to the grocery store away. It lets you choose from steaming hot, room temperature and chilled water.

Although the ‘chilled’ option isn’t ice cold, it’s very enjoyable. This is a great product and earned #2 on our list – get a great deal on it here.

Choice #3Avanti Energy Saver Water Dispenser

Our third pick ended up being the Avanti Energy Saver Water Dispenser. It has a white exterior, and it has cold and hot water switches. It has child protection on the hot water switch to protect your children. Although you can’t tell from the picture, it looks much better in person.

If you’ve spent a long time trying to find a reliable water dispenser, this one is for you. When compared with other models, it has very quiet operation, so you won’t get annoyed with it easily. It has an Energy Star feature, which makes it easy to see how much energy it consumes.

It shows you when the chilling cycle starts, so that is very helpful. Since the cycle doesn’t run constantly, you know it’s saving you energy. A lot of other models run constantly and use an enormous amount of electricity. Although the cold water isn’t ice-cold, it’s perfectly chilled and will do the trick every time.

There is some preparation and water flushing that you need to do before you actually start drinking water from it, but this preparation is very minor. Overall, you won’t be unhappy with this product. You can get a great price on it here.