Water Cooler Parts

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Water coolers may not look like a device that requires a lot of parts. This just isn’t true, water coolers have lots of small and large parts that all go together to ensure that you are drinking the cleanest and coldest water possible. Water coolers have parts such as, cups, and cup dispensers, faucets, filters, no spill system parts, and also a lot of other parts that aren’t directly attached to the water cooler.

Lets start with the outside of the cooler. You don’t want cups laying all over the place and making a mess. So attaching a cup dispenser will not only make the place cleaner, it will also make the cooler look much better to the eye. There are all sorts of different cup dispensers, some of them dispense paper cups and some of them use plastic. There are downfalls t both of these; first the plastic cups can be left all over the place with water still in the cups and can create a mess, And the paper cups are cone shaped which means that you will not be able to put the cup down or it will spill all over the place.

There are a couple different faucets you can get for the water cooler. The standard are two plastic faucets with a red and a blue handle so you can know if you are pouring cold water or warm water. You may also be able to buy steel chrome faucets which have the same uses as the plastic ones, but the chrome makes the water cooler look more professional.



Filters and tubes run through the inside of the water cooler, and each is very important to the water cooler dispensing clean water. Filters are obviously the most important as they play the biggest part in making sure that the water is absolutely clean. Amazon is a great site to find the right filters for your needs. The tubing is also important as you want tubing that wont clog, you will need the right size of tubing so that the water is able flow freely through them with ease.

No spill caps are also built for the water bottles. If you have ever tried to put in a bottle before you know that it can be a mess. But with these new no spill caps you can turn the bottles upside down with no fear that any water is going to leak out.

Some other parts you can buy for a water cooler is a fridge type cover that will go over the water bottle. This not only protects the bottle from harsh environments but also makes the entire cooler system look much better, especially if the cover is a stainless steel piece. Dripping trays are also something you will definitely need, incase of spilling the tray will collect the water instead of it ending up on the floor where someone could come along slip on the water and get seriously injured. This trey will most likely need to be emptied often. It will also need to be cleaned. Cleaning is a good way to ensure that the water is clean. Before dumping it, make sure there is no dirt in it that could have possibly come from inside the water bottle.

Storing all of the water bottles can also be a hassle, the are large and don’t stack so they would all have to be layer out on the floor, this could cover up way to much area. You can buy racks for the bottles instead. This will allow you to pile them 3 or more on top of each other. Not only does this make it look more organized but it also creates more space for around your water cooler.

In conclusion, there are many parts that go into a water cooler system. All of which have there own use. They are all important to help make the water cooler dispense as clean and cold water as possible. The parts that go on the outside of the water cooler system are just as important and also make the entire system look more professional, and will likely make more people want to use the cooler because it will look clean and band new if you buy the correct dispensers and covers.